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DSL Internet

Brandenburg Telephone Company’s DSL is a high-speed telecommunications service that adds high-speed Internet access to your local telephone service.

DSL technology achieves broadband speeds over the most universal network in the world: ordinary phone wire.

Digital Subscriber Line technology is a copper loop transmission technology that solves the Internet bottleneck problem often associated with the last mile between Network Service Providers and the users of those network services.

When speed is important, try our DSL service. DSL service is not a dial-up connection, you are constantly connected to the Internet.

DSL is added to your existing local line saving you from the expense of a second line. Your local phone line and DSL share the same copper loop to your home or office. Both services can be used at the same time. This allows you to make and receive calls and at the same time remain connected to the Internet.

DSL service has distance limitations from the serving BTC Central Office beyond which the service cannot be provisioned.

DSL is available to a limited service area at this time. BTC is planning expansions as the service becomes more in demand.