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Timeline of BBTEL
1900 - Meade County Telephone
The Company begins as Meade County Telephone.
1950 - Change of Name
The Company offically changes it's name to Brandenburg Telephone Company.
1955 - Irvington joins Brandenburg
The Irvington Telephone Company was purchased is purchased by The Brandenburg Telephone Company.
1956 - Vine Grove joins Brandenburg
The Vine Grove Telephone Company was purchased is purchased by The Brandenburg Telephone Company. The Brandenburg Telephone Company also becauses the first independant telephone company to off direct distance access in Kentucky.
1980 - Going Digital
The Brandenburg Telephone Company became the first telephone company in Kentucky to have a completely digital system and provide 911 services to our customers
1991 - Working Forward Together
Brandenburg Telephone Company, partnering with other independent companies in Central Kentucky formed Bluegrass Cellular.
2002 - Spreading Out
Brandenburg Telephone Company formed Brandenburg Telecom, LLC its affiliate company. Brandenburg Telecom, LLC builds its infrastructure from the ground up in areas currently served by other telephone companies to offer a choice to consumers. Brandenburg Telecom, LLC is now serving customers in parts of Elizabethtown, Clarkson, Sonora, Upton and Muldraugh. Brandenburg expanded its service offering to include broadband Internet and digital television.
2015 - Speeds For The Future
Brandenburg Telephone Company and Brandenburg Telecom, LLC began implementation of BBTELConnect, a Fiber to the Home connection. BBTELConnect is 100% fiber optic cable and allows Brandenburg customers to offer reliable service with broadband speeds up to 1 Gigabit. Replacing copper telephone cables to fiber optic cables will ensure everyone ’s telecommunications needs are met well into the future.