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Telephone Support
Finding The Issue
Service or Device?
You may avoid a possible service charge by completing the following steps before scheduling a repair trip.
Check each phone/device to determine if the problem is with your equipment.
Connect a working phone to your test jack.
  • If copper: Your test jack will be outside in a grey box labeled Telephone Network Interface. You will need a flat head screwdriver to open this box.
  • If fiber: Your test jack will be on the back of your ONT (Optical Network Terminal) labeled PHONE 1 or PHONE 2 (if you have a second line). If you still do not have a dial tone after testing with the test jack, please unplug the power from the ONT for 2 minutes by removing the power plug from the back of the ONT (not from the wall outlet), then test again.
Business Phone Systems
GrandStream Quick Guide
GrandStream Full Guide
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