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Number of Devices
Device Count

Laptops, PC

Xbox, Sony Playstation, etc

iPad, iPod, Android

iPhone, Android

Blueray Player, Roku, Apple TV, etc

Surveillance system, appliances, Nest, etc

Vonage, Magicjack, etc
Hourglass demonstrating how bandwidth works
What is Bandwidth?
Let's use this hourglass above to explain bandwidth. The sand represents the data, the top half is all of the internet, the lower half is your computer, and the neck of the hourglass is your bandwidth. The larger your bandwidth is the more data you can get to your computer quickly. So if you're downloading a 100mb file, the 25mb/s package will be able to download it much faster than the 10mb/s.
Calculating Recommended Internet Speed
Internet Usage

3 Meg

5 Meg

5 Meg

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
5 Meg

Texting, MSN Messenger, etc
40 Meg

Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, etc
5 Meg

Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc
10 Meg

Skype, FaceTime, etc
15 Meg

Xbox, Playstation, Wii
25 Meg

Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, etc
5 Meg

25 Meg
Recommended Package
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