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Before You Start
Restart Your Device
Before you dig in trying to find a solution to your issue, be aware that often the most common solution to internet issues is to just restart the device. No matter if it's a computer or a router, powering the device off for a few seconds then powering it back on will often fix the problem.
Check That Everything Is Plugged In
Often a cord or wire will be tugged at some point in daily life and become partially unplugged, this small issue can sometimes cause massive problems. Therefore, before hunting for another solution, always check that all wires and cords are firmly latched into the device.
Possible Solutions:
BBTEL suggests you keep your operating software and virus/malware software up-to-date
No Internet
Internet Speed
Other things to consider that may affect your Internet speed
Port Forwarding
If you have determined you need port services performed on your BBTEL modem/ONT, customer access is not permitted. We will be glad to assist you in making adjustments to your modem. Please call and speak to one of our help desk technicians. Please contact our office or you may call repair from any BBTEL landline phone by dialing 611. Our phones are answered 24/7.
If you determine you need to initiate a repair call or would like to speak to one of our help desk technicians, Please contact our office or you may call repair from any BBTEL landline phone by dialing 611.
Checking Dialup Usage
Router Setup
Router Placement is essential to good WIFI coverage. WIFI signals can be blocked or scattered by walls, wiring inside of walls, other electronics, etc.
Routers should be centrally located inside the home and a few feet off the ground. Keep your router out in the open rather than hidden away in a cabinet or closet. Ideally your router should not be placed near other electronics, metal objects, or even fish tanks.
WIFI interference from inside your home or neighbors can also be a factor. Consider changing your router's channel or repositioning the routers antenna(s) if available. Coverage issues can be remedied by adding additional WIFI access points or repeaters. If you have higher speed packages, it is recommended to use a dual band router. If you are not getting good coverage, you may consider purchasing a newer more powerful router. BBTEL offers WIFI routers starting at $ 4.95 per month and has WIFI access points with powerful antennas to meet the needs of any home or office.
Router Setup for Dynamic IP Address
Router Setup for Static IP Address
DSL users with a Static IP will need to know the information in the table. This information would have been given to you at the time of installation.
Please read and familiarize yourself with our Usage Statements/Legal Documentation. By accessing Brandenburg Telephone Company's Internet Services you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions presented within these documents. If you haven't read them already, you might want to do so now. Click here to view Legal Documentation.
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