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Telephone Services
Traditional Telephone Services
Our land line telephone service is engineered to bring you the highest quality in voice transmission available anywhere in the world.
Brandenburg offers a variety of reliable, competitively priced local and long distance calling plans for residential and business customers. In addition to our calling plans, we provide an extensive line of custom calling features, such as Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Block, Voice Mail services, Toll Free service and more.
Customers who switch to our service from another carrier in our area may keep their current phone number or choose a new number.
Phones And Equipment
Brandenburg Telephone Company offers a complete line of quality telephones and accessories. The equipment we offer is tested and meets or exceeds industry standards.
Stop by anytime we're open and see for yourself.
Our extensive line of phones and equipment includes:
Toll-Free Services
Brandenburg Telephone Long Distance offers a Toll-Free Service that is a convenient way for your friends, family members or customers to call you at your home or office anytime and charge the toll to your phone. Anyone in your domestic calling area that you give your Toll-Free number to, can call you and charge the call to your home or office phone at BTLD's regular long distance rates. Residential customers pay only 15 cents/minute and business customers pay only 20 cents/minute.
Benefits of BTLD Toll-Free Service:
Optional Capabilities
You may have heard of the term "slamming." It is a process where a company changes your long distance carrier without the customer's knowledge or explicit permission. Here at Brandenburg Telephone, we can protect you from these practices by freezing your account, requiring your authorization to change your service, all at no charge to you.
We've been your neighbors for years and we promise to provide telecommunication services with the dependability you deserve - now and in the future.
Long Distance
We are the only long distance provider offering complete telephone service - all from your local telephone company and the people you already know.
We offer competitively priced long distance service at a simple, low, flat rate - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Long Distance Plans
Basic Residential Plan $0.15/minute
Home Plus Plan $3.95/month & $0.10/minute
Basic Business Plan $0.20/minute
Business Plus Plan $4.95/month & 0.12/minute
International Plan $3.00/month &
20% off listed direct dial rates
Popular Countries
Aruba $1.16/minute
Austria $0.85/minute
Australia $0.85/minute
Barbados $1.22/minute
Canada $0.27/minute
Germany $0.55/minute
France $0.55/minute
Great Britain $0.42/minute
Honduras $1.41/minute
Ireland $0.70/minute
Italy $0.68/minute
Japan $0.55/minute
South Korea $0.95/minute
Mexico $1.77/minute
Panama $1.34/minute
Thailand $1.27/minute

*For other countries and rates, please contact our office.

We have a full line of affordable long distance services for your home or office - whatever you need, when you need it.
We've been your neighbor for years, and we promise to continue our quest to provide you quality telephone services with the support your deserve - now and in the future.
Inside Wiring
Brandenburg Telephone's service team is prepared to help you with all of your wiring needs. We will install an extra outlet in your home or we will prewire your new construction project. We also repair wire trouble you may experience. Your complete satisfaction is most important to us. Each job is performed in a professional manner. From the moment you call us to order service, you will be helped by people who want to do your job right for you the first time. We're here when you need us for all your inside-wiring jobs no matter the size or complexity.
Underground Maintenance
Where underground service connections are desired by the customer as initial installation in places where aerial wires or cable would ordinarily be used to reach the customers' premises. Or when aerial facilities are used to provide service or channels to a customer and subsequently the customer desires that such facilities be placed underground.
When cable is laid in conduit, the underground conduit shall be constructed and maintained by the owner.
When facilities are changed from aerial to underground, in addition to the customer installing the required conduit, the customer is charged the cost of dismantling and removing the aerial facilities. The minimum size of conduit is two inches. The customer will install a pull line to be used by the telephone company.
By accepting underground telephone service the customer understands they are responsible to maintain the conduit, open and close the ditch and replace the conduit should it become unusable. The telephone company will provide the required cable or wire on the central office side of the interface.
Mobile Home Installation
Use the location of the electric service to determine the location of the telephone interface. Interface must be bonded to the same ground as the electric service.
Customer may install wiring from interface to the mobile home.
If the telephone company installs or maintains the wiring from the interface to the mobile home (when the distance is greater than five (5) feet) it must be installed according to Brandenburg Telephone requirements.
The interface should be on the same pole as the electric meter. The location of the interface must be suitable as defined in PART II Sheet 8.3 and Sheet 11.3 of the tariff.
Class Services
Class Services

Teen Service allows you to have two phone numbers, a primary and a secondary number. The primary number rings normally. The secondary number has a special ring (long-long).


Automatic Callback will call back the last outgoing number from your phone whether the last call was answered, unanswered, or busy. If busy, it will keep trying for thirty minutes and ring you back when the number is free.


Automatic recall will record the last incoming number to your phone whether you answered it or not and dial that number back if you chose.


Calling Number Delivery lets you see the 10-digit directory number of the person calling you. The number will be displayed on your Call Identifier device between the first and second ring.


Dialable Number Delivery allows you to see the number required to dial the party back that called you. The number will be displayed on your Call Identifier between the first and second ring.


Calling Number/Name Delivery lets you see the 10-digit directory number of the person calling you, plus the name associated with that calling number. The first 15 characters of the directory listed name will be displayed on your Call Identifier device between the first and second ring.


Dialable Number and Name Delivery lets you see the number required to dial the party back that called you, plus the name associated with that calling number. The first 15 characters of the directory listed name will be displayed, beginning with the last name. The name and number will be displayed on your Call Identifier device between the first and second ring.

[7] CALL BLOCK *60

Don't let unwanted callers bother you! Call Block will intercept calls from any of the numbers on your special screening list (maximum 31) and inform the caller (with a recording) that his or her call is not presently being accepted.


When a call is from someone on your designated list, Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting lets you know with a series of short rings or call waiting tones, if you have call waiting.


Selective Call Forwarding lets you designate which calls should be forwarded to you when you are away from home.

[10] AVOID-A-CALL *68

Avoid-A-Call allows you to decide, in advance, which calls you want to receive. All other callers will hear a recording telling them that you are not accepting calls at this time.


Anonymous Caller Rejection lets you reject callers that dial *67 to block their name and number from you. When you have this service on, callers get a recording and your phone never rings. Dial *77 to turn this service on and *87 to turn it off.


Pick any three of these features - [2], [3], [7], [8], [9], or [10] - and save up to $3.50 per month!

Custom Calling Features
Calling Features

Speed Calling 8 allows you to call up to 8 of your most frequently dialed numbers just by dialing a one-digit code. This includes long distance DDD numbers.


Speed Calling 30 allows you to call up to 30 of your most frequently dialed numbers just by dialing a two-digit code. This includes long distance DDD numbers.


Call Waiting is a Brandenburg Telephone Company Calling Feature that alerts you to a second incoming call, when you are already on the line. With this feature, you have the ability to put the first party on hold while you answer your second call.


Three Way Calling lets you turn an everyday two-way phone call into a three-way conversation.


Call Forwarding allows your phone to transfer incoming calls to another number of your choice. This feature is great for you if you want to catch after-hours business calls at home, or for anyone who doesn't want to miss an important call.

On Demand Conferencing Service
On Demand Conferencing is another great service brought to you by Brandenburg Telecom. With it, you can take control of conferencing in an easy and convenient way.
Conference Recording
An accurate account of what was said during a conference can be vital for certain users. With On Demand Conferencing, you can listen to the conference recording with the Web Portal option, or download the recorded conference to your computer for a permanent record.
Quality Control for Conference Administrators
Background noise and volume levels of attendees can be controlled by the conference administrator with the Web Portal option. The On-Demand Conferencing service also allows Administrators to carry on private conversations with any of the attendees during the conference.
On Demand Conferencing includes features such as the following:
Great for the following:

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Notify Plus Messaging Service
With Brandenburg Telecom’s Notify Plus, you’ll turn a landline phone into a powerful automated messaging service that will deliver phone calls, e-mails, and even text messages!
Brandenburg Notify Plus allows subscribers the ability to schedule automated messages for things like:
Great for the following:
Brandenburg Notify Plus is an affordable, user-friendly, and cost effective solution. It features an easy-to-use interface and excellent reporting functionality.

Prices start at $9.99 per month!

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Existing Notify Plus customers can log in here.
Voicemail Services
Brandenburg Telephone Company's new voice mail system has exciting new features and packages that customers can now choose. These features include being able to receive voicemail messages as emails which give you the ability to listen to these messages on your computer. The new features and packages are listed below:
Voicemail Services
Call Answering X X X X
Email Notifications X X X
Sub Mailbox 1 4 9
Associate Additional Phone Numbers 1 4 9
Web Portal X X X
Reply Feature X X
Send Message X X
Forward Message X X
Auto Forward Message X X
Remote Notification X X
Daily Notification X X
Daily Schedules X X
Specific Caller X X
Special Events X X
Distribution Lists X X
Outdial X X
Forward Multiple Numbers X
Benefits of Voice Mail
Monthly Fees:
Bronze Package
Silver Package
Gold Package
Platinum Packages
* Deleting messages will reset your time.
Call Answering
Email Notifications
Sub Mailbox
Associate Additional Phone Number
Send Message / Forward Message / Distribution Lists
Auto Forward Messages
Remote Notification
Daily Notifications / Schedules
Daily Schedules / Special Events / Specific Caller
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