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Security Support
Possible Solutions:
Lost Codes:
Usercodes and passcodes cannot be retrieved after hours. If you have forgotten your code or need to change your code, please call the office during normal business hours to schedule a service call.
Cancel Dispatch of Emergency Services:
To cancel an emergency service response or report a false alarm, please contact your local emergency dispatch:
Equipment Issues:
If you experience issues with your Honeywell equipment, please refer to the Users Manual provided by the installer. If additional help is needed, call the office for a service appointment during business hours.
Alarm Siren Does Not Shut Off:
Enter your usercode two times. Once to clear the fault, and once to clear the alarm. If this does not silence the alarm, you may unhook the battery back-up in the main panel by pressing the 2 release tabs at the top of the unit and unplugging the battery with in. And unplug the main panel from the AC power. Please schedule a service call during business hours as soon as possible so that we may correct your inoperable security protection system.
Set Up HonView Touch App for Viewing Cameras
See our step-by-step instruction guide (PDF) for setting up the HonView Touch app to view cameras.
Contact Our Repair
Contact Us by Phone
Contact us by phone at any of our offices to be sent to our repair department or help desk and let them assist you!

Brandenburg 270-422-2121
Radcliff 270-351-4466
Elizabethtown 270-982-4466
Hardinsburg 270-580-4466
Clarkson 270-396-4466
Contact Us Online
Let our Help Desk help you by visiting their online chat room!

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